Wednesday, February 18, 2004

It doesn't take much to make me happy and restore my sense of equilibrium.

A checkbook that balances even though I haven't checked it in two months;
Waking up before the cat so he doesn't jump all over me;
Getting the laundry done is only two days and not losing one single sock;
Finishing a sock with yarn left over, even it it's only about five inches.

Life is good and we are getting some rain. I don't have to be at Skein until one today so there's plenty of time to stop for lunch at Shakey's Pizza. I'm working on the ribbed denim socks (formerly known as the JaWoll socks) and it's going well. I need to make the second sock of a pair I started last summer. We've been using the single sock as a sample at Skein but since the yarn is gone and we're not getting any more I'll bring it home and make its mate. I already know these socks won't fit Lisa but they'll probably fit her Mom. So, like I said, life is good.

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