Monday, February 02, 2004

The stuff that dreams are made of

Patrick likes to wake me up early to watch him eat. He can be quite insistent. He not only walks all over me but butts me with his head and meows in a most pitiful way until I finally give in and get up. I don't know why he wants me to stand beside him while he eats.

This morning, after only about four hours of sleep, he began his tromping and nudging routine thereby interrupting my dream of knitting socks with Tahki's Cotton Classic. Not that I would actually even try it, but in the dream it seemed quite possible. And for some unexplained reason I had sample skeins in all their colors. That would be nice IRL. Anyway, in the dream I was able to knit socks at an incredible rate and rip out and start over in the most effortless way. Would that it were so.

No knitting yesterday. Lunch and dinner engagements plus too many students to knit while I was at Skein. Maybe today since I'm home the whole day with nothing to do except laundry. I need to rip back a little on my current sock project as I didn't start the toe shaping soon enough. Maybe I can get that done and start the second sock. Dream on!

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