Saturday, February 07, 2004

Just so you know

I'm still here. There hasn't been much new to write about. I'm at the end of the second skein of Kureyon on the Multidirectional scarf. I got two or three new people started on it in the past day or so. I've been pretty busy this week with new students as well as a few continuing ones.

I'm going to meet Ann Mary and KC tomorrow morning at the new shop. This will be the first time I've seen the inside. I never went to Poobah's, the shop that was there before. I'm curious to see how it looks before it's converted. If I don't forget my camera I'll try to get at least some exterior photos.

I managed to get all the yarn I had been stashing in the living room moved into the primary holding area, aka, the den. I didn't get any plastic boxes yet so everything is still in bags and stacked precipitously on top of the stuff that was already in there. So now there's just Robert's sweater and my current sock and scarf projects in the living room. That's where I knit most of the time. There's no room in the den.

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