Wednesday, February 04, 2004

Is that all?

Not much happened since yesterday, at least on my knitting. A little progress here, a little progress there. Nothing completed. I did break down and start a pair of socks using one of the blue JaWoll yarns that I showed a couple of days ago.

Most of my at home time has been devoted to sorting through my stash. The part that's stacked up in the living room, in a corner behind a chair. Patrick was fascinated by the additional running room he has. I'm hoping to get some more plastic storage boxes soon so I can add this stuff to the pile in the den. And I got all the books and magazines put back where they belong.

I got to see the Mango Moon recycled silk today. I didn't know the company was so close to here. It's in Laguna Beach, not right next door but close enough. Unfortunately they no longer do retail. We should be having some of this soon. I think I'm going to like it. A lot! I already know it's softer than the Sari Silk I got last month. Will have to wait until I can work with it to see if it's spun any better. I only saw a couple of skeins and there was no color card. I understand they sort it into only two colorways, jewel and earth. And it is heavy so will probably work best as a bag or vest but they do have some patterns for pullovers and cardigans, even a throw.

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