Monday, June 30, 2003

Goodbye, Kate

My father always referred to Katharine Hepburn as Kate Hepburn. I got the impression he felt like he knew her, which he didn't. But I guess there was something about her that made him feel she was a personal friend. Hearing about her passing away was a poignant reminder of my father and another link with him lost. She was a magnificent example of what we can all be, if we only dare.

Had a busy weekend. Barbara and Carol came over for lunch, which they provided, and we had a few hours of fun knitting and chatting. I hope we can make this a little more frequent thing. It's difficult to really "visit" when I'm at Skein.

I started a new hat while they were here using the Rowan Calmer that Emma sent a few weeks ago. The yarn is so soft and smooth. I need some more colors for the Multicolor Whimsical Hat that I'm knitting from Hats On! by Charlene Schurch. (This is one of my favorite books for hats.) I think I'll use a different yarn though as the Calmer is a little pricey for my budget right now.

I also cast on for another pair of Plymouth Yarn socks. Sorta bright pastel stripes. If I can keep my computer running I'll try to post a picture when I have a little more done.

On Sunday I went with Joanne to Velona's and to Alamitos Bay Yarn Company. My second trip in one week. Joanne had never been to either place and had been pleading with me to take her so she wouldn't get lost. It was a pretty good trip, except the freeway we started out on was closed down, in both directions, for some kind of chemical hazard. I didn't get anything at Velona's, this time. And at Alamitos Bay I only got a couple of skeins of Regia sock yarn that were 50% off. And we had a neat lunch at the restaurant next door. Sat and watched the sailboats coming and going.

More problems with the computer. All of a sudden I'm running out of memory. Talked to the kind folks at Gateway and we think we have it fixed. So far, so good. And Blogger has fixed the problem I was having with accessing my edit page.

So, all in all, a pretty good weekend. Made some progress on the speckled socks last night. Maybe I'll get a picture of that too.

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