Monday, June 09, 2003

A little update

This is the first of the Plymouth Yarn socks, still in progress. I have done a little more on the second sock since I took this picture last week but I'm not quite to the heel. This is my first short row heel. I think I wrote about it last week. I'll do the second sock the same way but I'll find another way to do it the next time. Just don't like those eyelets!

A fairly slow weekend at Skein. The cooler weather didn't seem to motivate many people to pick up the needles. Too many end of year school activities probably. But I did get to see a number of the "regulars". And I finished the first sleeve of the shop sample I'm making. I should be done by Wednesday and will add a pic then.

I'm writing this using my old dial-up connection. I haven't yet figured out or fixed the problem with the DSL. I installed the new memory but that didn't fix whatever's wrong. I can post from there but I can't add pictures. And I still can't read comments so I have been going with the dial-up. I'm glad I didn't discontinue my MSN connection yet. I've already spent a couple of hours today on the phone with a very nice lady at SBC. We thought we had it fixed but it's still not working correctly. This is not fun.

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