Tuesday, June 10, 2003

Not what I expected

Another rainy morning. Not much planned for today except some knitting on the shop sample, the Intelacements top and maybe some socks. Supposed to go to Joanne's tonight. That all changed when Joanne called to say she was not feeling well and would not be going to Skein in the afternoon and wanted to cancel for the evening.

So I went to Skein to cover for Joanne in case there were any drop in students. When I got there the rep for Berroco yarns was there. I got a chance to see the new colors they have for fall in the yarns they already have in their line. I missed the presentation of the new yarns but I got a quick glimpse of some of them. They have a new one that is very similar to Chamonix but is less expensive and has more angora. The colors are not very exciting though. And there's another new one that I think is called Mabley. It looks very interesting. Lots of thick and thin with some nice color ways.

I didn't get to see much of the Lang line that he also reps because I had a couple of customers to deal with. And then I tried to handle a couple of Chinese ladies whose English far exceeds my Chinese. So that was a little rough. Sometimes Ann Mary had to break away and help out. But it was lots of fun and a couple of very nice sales. I spent some time showing one of them how to do a cable cast on and how to work in the round on circular needles.

We picked out some new patterns from Fiber Trends and Mari (I don't know this company) that I think will be good for fall. Several things for felting and even for crochet. (Note to self: teach yourself to crochet before it's too late.)

So the rep ended up being there all day. He didn't finish until just before six. But I think it was worth his time. Ann Mary ordered enough to be entitled to a couple of sweater samples.

So now I'm home and will try to do some of the knitting I didn't get done this afternoon. I'm using Intenet Explorer right now instead of SBC. I seem to be able to read comments using this browser even if they are slow to open. I don't know if posting from here will help. I really appreciate all the suggestions and good wishes I've been getting.

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