Tuesday, June 17, 2003

Just stuff

It's been a kind of mixed bag sort of day. I spent the morning cutting and pasting. I moved all the blogs I read from my Yahoo site to IE. Yahoo just doesn't get it. I still don't understand why I can read comments and connect to links when I'm using IE and yet Yahoo just freezes. So I have the speed I want and it's easier using IE. But it took several hours to move everything. And I found several new blogs that I've added to my daily list. Plus a couple that Yahoo just wouldn't let me add to my bookmarks.

Also spent some time on the phone with Gateway and Go Daddy (formerly my site host) and I hope I got some billing issues straightened out. You just never know. The people I talked to seemed quite competent but that's what I thought the last time. So I'll just have to wait and see when I get my next credit card statement.

And I finished tidying up the balcony where I have my new lemon tree. Did some minor pruning and threw out some pots that were too damaged to be reused. There were a couple of bluejays that were very concerned when they saw me out there.

I only managed a little knitting today but I'm going to Joanne's tonight so I'll get a couple more hours in. We haven't met for about three weeks so this will be a fun evening.

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