Wednesday, June 25, 2003

Ho hum!

Not much new to post today. I went to Joanne's last night for our weekly knit and chat time. I worked on the yellow shop sample and still have about forty rows to go before I finish the back and can start the assembly.

On the way home from Joanne's I noticed my "check gauges" light was on. My temperature gauge was almost to the danger point. I was able to get home with no apparent injury to the car. So now my car is being refitted with something called a heater core whatever. I'm glad I bought yarn yesterday because I wouldn't have enjoyed it as much if I had known I was going to have a $350 car repair bill. I'm also glad I didn't drive yesterday or we would have been stranded somewhere.

Why are yarn shops closed on Monday? Seems like most of the shops around here are closed on that day. Temple City Knits is the only shop I know that is open on Monday. And this week even it was closed. I guess they went to the big TNNA show in Columbus OH along with everyone else. Yesterday I found that Velona is also open on Monday but it's about an hour drive from where I live and that seems excessive for one skein of yarn.

I'm not really interested in most of my projects right now. I want to finish what I have started though before I go on to something else.

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