Thursday, June 12, 2003

Fall's coming

Forgot to take the camera to Skein today. That makes two consecutive days. Will try again tomorrow. I've already put it with my bag but that's no guarantee.

It was very quiet today. I worked a lot on socks and then started a new shop sample. I'm making a short top using Naturally Eskimo. I've made a child's scarf with this already. There are a few new patterns for adults available now so we're doing one of those. Just a simple v-neck top in stockinette on size 6 US.

Some of the new Anny Blatt and Bouton d'Or yarns arrived today along with the fall pattern catalog for Bouton d'Or and a couple of baby pattern books. The baby patterns are really cute. They yarns they call for are not all that care friendly and are pretty pricey. We're looking at substituting possibilities.

If you like really complicated patterns you might want to look at the Bouton d'Or book. There are several that I could see making but they would each be a whole season's worth of knitting. And I think they're generally too heavy for our climate.

My favorite yarn in the shipment is Mango from Bouton d'Or. It's not brand new (last year I think). It's a sport weight cotton/synthetic blend. Some of the baby patterns are made in this as well as a few simple tops in this summer's catalog. It's really beautiful. There's just something about the color. Even though the yarns are plain they look exceptionally rich. And we got the first of the fall yarns. Already?

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