Wednesday, June 11, 2003

Marg doesn't have a blog

Or not that I know of anyway. But we've been exchanging emails about the short row heel quandry I've been finding myself in. She's been really helpful, and patient, and I just wanted to thank her publically. And Stasia has been extremely geneous with her support as well. That's one of the best benefits of blogging. That, and all the new friends I have made.

I did get some knitting time last night. I finished the shop sample, at least the knitting part, and will put it together today while I'm at Skein. I've already crocheted one of the sleeves in place and knit on the rolled neck band so I only have maybe half an hour's work to complete it. There is still no sunshine in these parts so I'll try to get a picture using my flash.

I managed about 10 rows on the Interlacements top. This one will definitely have to wait for sunshine. I've completed the first 26 row cable pattern and am into the second. I think there will be about 5, maybe 6 repeats of the pattern to finish the back. Should be one less on the front. Still agonizing over whether I'll have enough yarn. I agonize a lot. Part of my charm. So I'll wait until I finish the back and then I'll know. But what if they're out of the yarn by that time? See? It just keeps going.