Monday, June 23, 2003

We are not amused

I've been struggling all weekend to resolve a problem I'm having with Blogger. I finally got a response today, which in itself is a surprise. Do you personally know anyone who has ever received a response from Blogger? At any rate I think I can now post again.
This has not been fun and we did not find it amusing.

Not that there've been any really incredible developments. But here's a brief rundown.

The weekend at Skein, without Ann Mary, went well. Her son handled the register and phone without any serious problem. Her daughter came in on Saturday and Sunday and did some shelf rearranging and I think was going to add more shelving after close of business on Sunday. We really need the room. There was a pretty good flow of customers, better than earlier in the week.

I didn't have a whole lot of time for knitting. I'm about half way through the back of the current shop sample and hope to finish the whole thing tonight or tomorrow at the latest.

Speaking of tomorrow. Carole, Mendy and I are going to Velona Needlecraft and Alamitos Bay Yarn Company for a quick update on what's happening there. Mendy has never been and I think she'll really be impressed. Carole and I have been a few times but we're always excited by visiting these places.

Last Friday I was working on the shop project and thinking about what I was going to do in the evening. A young woman came in and said "I'm looking for yarn to make Becky's swatch." That really got my attention. It was Julie and her husband. What a fun time we had, not only in looking at all the possible yarn she could use for Becky's swatch but in talking about the blogs we read. And I got a first hand report on the sweater she's making. We both agreed that Norah Gaugham is one fine designer. Anyway, the whole thing was a treat!

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