Monday, January 27, 2003

You'd think that not being in San Diego I would not be affected by the Super Bowl crowd. Not so. Went to my friend Robert's last night for dinner. He lives in an area that has lots of apartments and condos. But, even so, I don't usually have much trouble finding a parking space. Last night I drove around for 20 to 30 minutes before I found a space, about 4 blocks from where he lives. So I'm just guessing but I think everyone was having a Super Bowl party. We didn't watch any of the game. The yelling from his next door neighbors kept us pretty much informed with what was going on. After the game was over I went and moved my car to a space right in front of Robert's house. Last year it only took about five minutes to find a place. Next year I'm not going.

This is the Mellow Yellow sweater I made last summer. (There are words to describe its quality but let's just say it's inadequate. I've been trying to crop the photo and to change the size but haven't figured out how to do it.) I used a cotton/acrylic yarn called Wellness from, I think, Gedifra. Basically it's stockinette with a lace insert panel that I picked out of Barbara Walker's Treasury of Knitting Stitches, not sure if it was I or II. I used my Sweater Wizard to create the pattern schematic etc.

A pretty decent day at Skein yesterday. I spent some time showing one customer how to do a knitted cast on. Ann Mary likes this cast on for scarves and shawls. She thinks it's looser than the long tail cast on. I don't agree but since she's the boss that's the one I show whenever she asks me to get someone started. I think the knitted cast on is less flexible and you have to deliberately work loosely so you might as well use the long tail cast on. We also add an extra stitch on the bind off to keep that edge loose. I prefer to go up a needle size if I'm concerned about binding off too tightly.

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