Saturday, January 04, 2003

Christmas, Day Eleven. This has to be quick. I'm going to be late for Skein if I don't hurry. But I do have to have my daily blog time, with coffee, or I can't function.

Another book I got for Christmas, from my wish list, is "Hollywood Knits" by Suss Cousins. I thought it would be nice to have since I met Suss, briefly, at the Knit Out in Santa Monica last September. I had scanned the book at one of the local bookshops and thought it had some nice ideas. So, I put it on my list. The fact that I don't really like this book, at all, is not the fault of the giftor. I asked for it. Anyway, there are a couple of things I like in the book as far as designs go: the knitting bag is clever and I like the minimal look of it; and the man's multi stripped sweater. The opening section on techniques shows how to knit continental, which is unusual so I like that idea. There are numerous errors in the text, at least in the opening section. Some typos. Things that a good proofreader would have found. There a plenty of silly things to make: cell phone cover, makeup bag. I found the whole tone of the book to be patronizing and way too precious. And she thinks a large finished size is a 36. I could go on but I won't.

Time to go. Skein was pretty busy yesterday. We're now going to charge for knitting help, on a selective basis. That's going to be a little delicate in some cases. Will have to see how well this plays out.

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