Tuesday, January 28, 2003

I decided to go to Skein today, partly because I thought it might be busy and partly so I wouldn't spend all day on the computer. It was a good decision on both accounts. It doesn't take very many customers sometimes to have a really good day, if they're the right ones. And we had several of those today, plus a few more moderate spenders.

Joanne teaches at Skein on Tuesdays so I don't usually go in but I decided to stay home tonight instead of going to her house for our weekly knit get together. Thought we could just do our visiting at Skein. There really wasn't time since she had two practically brand new knitters going at the same time. Unfortunately she got them mixed up and had one making a small who was actually making a large and vice versa.

I took my merino sweater to work on and got about eighteen rows done. I'm using two strands and keep missing one of the strands. So that slows me down, having to go back and pick up the missing strand. So far I've only had to go into the previous row. I hope I don't find any places that are several rows back or I'd have to rip. No way! I spent a couple of hours on the cabled raglan tonight. Only got eight rows done. Last night I found a cable that I had crossed the wrong way. For the first time ever I dropped the stitches back down and corrected the cable and worked the stitches back up. It did take me a couple of tries but it looks just fine now. Old dog, new tricks.

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