Sunday, January 19, 2003

On a scale of one to ten, ten being chaos, it was about a six today at Skein. Absolutely no one in the morning but then we had a crowd of unrelated people all come in at once. Another new customer that I used to know when I worked at Mariposa ten or so years ago. Not someone I knew well, but just enough that she felt like she had found a new home. Later in the day we got really busy again. And it stayed that way until the end of the day. I taught the son of one of my students, actually just a refresher. I got him started last year but he hasn't been doing any knitting on his own. That was when he was six. I think he's seven now. Anyway, it was surprising to see how much he had retained. Mostly I was keeping him occupied while his mom was getting started on a new project, a sweater for him. His sister just slept under one of the tables until it was time to go.

I've been meaning to post this link for some time but keep forgetting. Richesse Online. She sells Rowan yarns and patterns as well as her own designs. I bought three of her patterns a few months ago but haven't had time to make any of them. I found the link on the Knit U list. It's a little slow loading but the photos of her patterns are pretty good and you can see several views of the garments.

I finally had some time to spend with my cabled raglan pullover (CRP). I spent about three hours on it tonight and am really pleased with how it's looking. I switched to circular needles and it's a lot easier to handle. I had a good suggestion from one of my email friends about how to keep track of the patterns. I think I had read this somewhere a few days ago, maybe in one of the blogs. Make a chain of loops in a contrasting yarn, one loop for each right side row, the number of loops corresponding to the number of right side rows in the pattern repeat. Slip the chain each right side row, inserting the needle into the loop that represents the row just worked. This works very well for knowing what row you're on but you still need to check the charts to see if it's time to do a cable. Most of the cables in the pattern I'm working are very irregular so I have to refer to the charts, but the ones that repeat of a regular basis I have memorized. Anyway, I'm still enjoying it a lot.

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