Friday, January 03, 2003

Christmas, Day Ten. It's not over yet, but we're getting there. I spend a couple of hours every morning reading blogs and email. This time of year seems to really bring out the philosophic in folks. It's not just about resolutions. It really is about renewal and getting back on track. I'd like to say I've done this, but I haven't. Maybe I will yet.

One of my Christmas gifts is a copy of Nancy Wiseman's "Knitted Shawls, Stoles and Scarves". I'm still working my way through it but, in general, I think it's a very worthwhile book. She approaches shawls as garments that need to fit. And she presents different techniques that help accomplish this. And she explains the techniques themselves so that the reader not only learns how to use them in a given project but should also be able to use them in other applications. So, even if you don't knit shawls, you should be able to profit from this book. And if you do knit shawls, there are plenty of inspiring designs.

A couple of days ago Joe wrote about his first knitting project. That got me to thinking about my early days in knitting. I don't remember the first sweater I made (I think it was something called Aztec and used a mosaic/slip stitch technique, although I didn't know what that was at the time. I just followed the instructions and it came out okay.) What I do remember as my very first project was an afghan made in a diamond lace overall pattern. The afghan came out pretty small, more like a lap robe. I didn't know anything about planning or gauge swatches or suitablility of fiber, but I remember learning to read the pattern. All those yarn overs, K2tog, psso! It took me a while but I finally understood what those stitches were doing. The edges always curled a little. Now, of course, I know why. But I didn't then. I'm pretty sure the yarn was some really cheap synthetic, probably acrylic. It was pretty stiff but it became the cat's favorite place to sleep. I know what became of the cat but I have no idea where the afghan went to.

I haven't been to Skein since Tuesday so I have nothing to report from there. I'll be going in later today. I finished the kufi and it's cute. I think if I make another one I'll do the decreases a little more rapidly so it's not quite so pointed. Or maybe I'll do an I cord and make a topknot. I have to figure out what I'm going to take with me today to work on. Dishcloths, anyone?

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