Friday, January 17, 2003

My brain is doing a sort slow download this morning. I've been staying up way too late for the past few days and it's finally catching up. There's just too much stuff on Google to ever comprehend it all. But it's like the "just one more row" thing.

Did you read the latest Fantastic Fiber Voyage? Too bad that the second half was devoured by Blogger. You can still read the first part here. Thanks, Ariella. I'm hoping to get back to Santa Barbara sometime this spring and a day in Solvang is unforgettable. There's only one more of these trips scheduled. Wish some more folks would sign up and talk about their own favorites.

I had a call from the owner of Elegance Designer Yarns. She's about ready for me to come in and do some classes. But I'm too busy right now (everything is relative) and there are some "political" reasons that make this "not a good thing". And besides, I'd rather teach one on one rather than a group.

One of the guys on my bowling team did a little shiatsu massage treatment on my shoulder muscles last night. Hurt like anything while he was doing it but it's really feeling great today. Have to try that again sometime.

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