Monday, January 20, 2003

When I finish reading all the daily blogs I always want just a little more. That's one of the reasons I like it when I find a new (to me) blog. My list just keeps growing. For me, it's like going to brunch with a lot of friends and catching up on what's been going on in their lives. (I'm not alone in this. Go see Much ado about knitting.) And I think most bloggers like to know how many folks are reading their blogs. I check once in a while to see how many and who have been reading my blog. It's one of the ways I find new blogs to add to my list. And Theresa has just passed the 50,000 mark. So anyway, I was very surprised and happy to see that Gwen has made my blog her Aortal pick of the week. Thanks, Gwen!

A moderate day at Skein yesterday. Just a few folks coming in for a hint or two. I finished the hat I was making for Doris. Well, actually I ran out of yarn. I don't know if she wants to buy another skein to complete it so I have to wait until she comes in again, or calls, before I can continue.

I got to see "Harry Potter and the Secret Chamber" last night. Lots of fun effects and a little more complex plot than the first movie.
What I saw was an Academy screening copy. I don't know how my friends got the DVD but it added a little illicit thrill knowing that I wasn't supposed to have access to it. (You get your kicks where you can.)

So, off to start the laundry and work some more on the CRP.

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