Sunday, January 12, 2003

Sunday is a short day. That is at Skein anyway. We're only open from 1 to 4. Sometimes it can be really busy. I'm glad we're only open 3 hours today because I'm going to be by myself. Ann Mary has gone to San Diego for TNNA. Her brother and his wife are coming in to help but since neither of them know which end of a knitting needle is the working end I don't expect a whole lot of support. But they'll take care of the register anyway. I'll take my current shawl project with me just in case it's not busy. I'm just over half way done with it and it's beginning to look a lot more appealling.

It was very quiet in the morning yesterday, almost no traffic. Then about noon somebody opened the barn door and let all the animals out. We did not stop until almost five. Neither of us had time for the pizza until just before closing. So it was a good day after all. Didn't do much teaching, just a couple of refreshers for folks who couldn't remember how to cast on. When I got home I was so tired I couldn't stay awake to read my email. Took a nap for an hour and then couldn't go to sleep later. I hope some of our regulars come in today. I need to catch up with them and it's actually helpful to have them there if we're busy.

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