Wednesday, January 15, 2003

Just kind of picking my way through the new sweater. It's slow going as I'm still trying to figure out what to do when. Since the patterns don't repeat at the same rate it's tricky. Maybe I'll just knuckle down and make a chart of the whole thing so I can see how everything relates. Kathy asked which pattern I'm making. The pattern is from Knitting in America. So if you have the book you can see it on page 52. It's called the Unisex Cabled Raglan and was designed by Deborah Newton. I'm not doing the color stripes though. I'm using a wine colored Candide, the yarn that the pattern calls for. I'm a little concerned that the yarn may be too thin. The stitches just look a little too open. Even though I got the gauge called for in the instructions. Maybe it'll all plump up when I wash and block it.

I have another book by Deborah Newton, Designing Knitwear. A great book. Full of helpful information. I haven't looked at in a while so maybe I'll do that later today.

I went to Joanne's last night for our weekly knit and chat session. I think next week we're going to get back into weaving. I haven't touched my loom for nearly a year. I'm not going to be weaving myself but Joanne will be teaching another person. I'm going to help Joanne tie on a warp on her floor loom. Her loom is this huge, room size thing she got when she lived in Sweden about 20 years ago. I don't know how she ever managed to tie on a warp by herself. So that should be interesting.

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