Saturday, January 25, 2003

Nothing can disturb my wah* more quickly than having my electronic commumications messed up. I am so ticked that my email isn't working. I have read all the messages that I got yesterday but can't delete them. I don't seem to be receiving any new emails. I've tried to reach MSN but since it's email that doesn't work. I do have a message that says "Account temporaily unavailable". But what's that supposed to mean? Also, this morning, MSN couldn't find two of the blogs I read every day. So I'm trying to get all this in perspective but I'm seriously irritated.

I'll be at Skein all day today. We were quite busy yesterday afternoon. I didn't see any of my regulars but expect a few in today. No students but a couple of people needing a little hand holding. I got back to work on the merio ribbed pullover that I set aside last spring. The shoulder short rows are done on the back and I've cast on for the front. I think I misread the pattern stitch and am doing a simple K3/P2 rib instead of the mistaken rib pattern. Can't tell from the photo. I'm not starting over though!

Lisa came over last night and we went to El Portal for a nice Mexican dinner preceded by a grande margarita. Muy delicioso! We also spent a lot of time trying to scan some documents for one of her work projects but didn't end up with what she needed. My scanner terrifies me. Must get back to it and show it who's in charge. Hah!

*wah - a state of inner equanimity or balance. I don't know if this is a real word but my older brother told me about it. I guess his wife is very good at disturbing his wah.

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