Monday, January 13, 2003

It was so crazy at Skein yesterday! I really felt bad (guilty) because I had to turn away at least three people who wanted to have a knitting lesson. Peter and Eleanor (Ann Mary's brother and sister-in-law) just don't know anything about yarns or knitting so I had to answer their questions and field phone calls as well as try to keep two tables full of knitters going. I have no idea how much yarn was sold. I did manage to teach one mother/daughter combination to knit, purl, cast off and cast on. Most of the time I was just answering questions as fast as I could and helping people put together, you guessed it, yarn combinations for scarves.

I did have a chance to visit with Renee, one of my favorites. She's only been knitting for about a year but has turned into one of the best and brightest. She brought in her second pair of felted clogs that she made for her husband. They're in Lamb's Pride worsted and in the USC colors. They haven't been felted yet so they're really huge. We also considered a couple of yarn possibilities for a poncho she wants to make for herself. I need to remember to send her the heart pattern for face/dish cloths that Stephanie posted a few days ago. I also met with Doris, my soon to be 90 friend, about a pattern I generated for her using my Sweater Wizard. Most everything else is a blur. I think I did about five stitches on the shawl.

Today, in addition to laundry, I'm going to start a new sweater for myself. I have some Candide (Reynolds) that I got about twelve years ago. (Hope it's mothfree.) I'm going to make Deborah Newton's Cabled Raglan Pullover from Knitting in America. Unfortunately the pattern is text only, no charts. But I think once I get going it'll be okay. I really prefer charts over text.

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