Friday, January 10, 2003

Winter may be coming back. At least it's no longer in the upper 80s. It's a little gloomy and overcast. That's more like it!

Spent a good deal of time yesterday practicing single crochet. I'm using all the strange yarns, mostly crafty acrylic stuff, to make a bag that may be used to house some of my stash or for a WIP. It is beyond ugly. Randomness only works if you control it. At least when it comes to fiber manipulation. Just my opinion, of course. Some may prefer the gawdawful look.

I don't know if it's from the crochet or my cold. I have a pain under my right shoulder blade that feels like a pulled muscle and my right shoulder is feeling sore. I think it's probably the cold having decided to hold on for a while longer but using a crochet hook for five hours, when one is not used to it, might be the problem. Could be both. But now that there's evidence that a couple of cocktails a day is actually good for you I'm feeling like this little over the counter technique will help me a lot. That's good, because Lisa is coming to see me tonight and we will test this new prescription.

Lots of encouraging notes and emails regarding my knitting burn out. Thanks, everyone.

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