Wednesday, January 08, 2003

It was good to have a knitting night out. I spent almost two hours working on the boring mohair shawl and didn't even notice how boring it is. Anita shares my love of reading blogs. We had a good time just talking about who's who and what's what. Joanne doesn't know what we're talking about so she kept going to sleep. I took my new knitting books to show. Joanne shared her new books from Jamieson's that she got from Knit Picks. Now that's some serious knitting. Have to track down their site and order these for myself.

Going to work at Skein today. You just never know what's going to happen there. I'm hoping that some of the new knitters will be back and ready to move on to a new project. Maybe a sweater? Matt wrote about some of his earliest knitting efforts and encouraging new knitters. I wonder if the little green booklet he used was the same one I used. I can practically see the bright, lime green background and orange accents. For thirty five cents you could learn how to knit, crochet, tat, embroider and make broomstick lace. (I've never seen broomstick lace but a new customer, just last Saturday, brought in an old afghan pattern using broomstick lace. Some pretty garish colors! How times change, what?) Anyway, this was a great little book. But, back to the point. So many new knitters are afraid to move beyond the security of scarves. Sweaters are not hard. Any technique can be learned. I try not to let anyone think that something is beyond their ability. I do have a couple of students for whom knitting is second nature. They're always trying new techniques, on their own. So my job is to help them and cheer them on.

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