Thursday, January 02, 2003

Christmas, Day Nine. This is the day when most people begin removing their holiday decorations and getting their homes back to what is known as normal. When I was a kid my mother always took the tree down the day after Christmas. We used to beg her to let us keep it up until at least New Year's Day but she was adamant. So when I started having my own tree I kept it up until well after New Year's Day, even if I didn't turn the lights on, for fear of a fire. Nowadays I don't decorate at all for the holidays so I don't have anything to take down and put away except the unused gift wrap. I have one needlepoint pillow with a wreath of poinsettias that I usually bring out for Christmas. This year I didn't even bother with that. Usually, about Thanksgiving time, I start thinking about getting a tree and decorating but then I get busy and then decide it would be silly to spend the time and money. Maybe next Christmas.

I seem to be having trouble counting to three. I've ripped the kufi two times now because I keep messing up the K1, yo, K2tog pattern. So I've started over for the third time. And I don't even like the color of the yarn. But now I'm determined. I'm still making dishcloths, using up the yarn I bought. The other day, one of my students commented that I shouldn't be making dishcloths, that I should be working on something fabulous and impressive. I suppose she's partly right but dishcloths are a lot easier to deal with when I'm at Skein than something that requires a lot of attention. And besides, I like making dishcloths. They're not only fun to make, they're practical. Scarves without the length or boredom factor.

Have started on box number two of tissues. Still feeling poorly. I may not go bowling tonight. Don't want to drip on the approach and cause somebody to have an accident. Not to mention infecting a lot of other people.

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