Monday, January 06, 2003

It's Monday again. I love Monday. Nothing to do and nowhere to be, all day long. Well, I do have a few things I want to do but they don't require going out of the house. We're having June in January weather. It's like this every year. It was almost 90 everyday of the weekend and looks to be climbing there again today. There was some kind of heavy duty wind action last night that has scattered palm fronds all over the neighborhood. And blew all the discarded Christmas trees into the streets.

Skein was jammed all day yesterday. Of course, we're only open for three hours on Sunday. There were a couple of daughter/mom combinations where the daughter was teaching the mom how to knit. Kind of nice. The noise level was so high that I thought for a minute I was in a sportsbar. Lots of my knitting buddies were in but we were too busy for me to spend any time with them. I gave the kufi to one of them. It looked so cute on her and I wanted to do something in exchange for the wonderful cookies she gave me for Christmas.

My current shawl is moving along pretty well. It's really boring to knit. 50 stiches per row, all knit. The first twenty rows were done with two strands. Now I'm into the plain garter stitch with one strand of mohair. I had forgotten how unpleasant mohair is to knit. But I'm using a size 17 needle so progress can be seen. The shawl will be just over six feet long and will have 20 more rows of two strands at the end. It's about 20 inches wide. We're hoping this will become the new thing to make, replacing the similar shawl that was such a hit last year. Up next is a shawl make with a new Katia ribbon (I forget the name) that uses an elongated stitch (aka drop stitch) and has very long fringe. I made one of these last year in Berroco Zen and it was very popular. Sold a lot of yarn, and the sample.

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