Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Who could resist?

Given the high prices for gasoline ($3.559/gal for regular last Saturday) and the rising cost of postage I'm finding it more and more difficult to engage in my yarn shopping hobby. But then along comes this 75% off sale at Black Sheep Knittery. I hear they've put out some more Koigu and Noro and all kinds of other temptations. Must resist. Must resist. Maybe tomorrow I'll just go take a peek.

Speaking of Koigu. Yesterday I overheard one of the ladies I work with talking on the telephone.

"What kind of yarn?"
"Sounds like those new needles we have." (She meant Chai Goo.)
"Could you spell it?"
"No. We don't have that."

I was yelling Koigu across the shop but the customer had already hung up. I can't believe I had to explain Koigu. You call yourself a knitter and you don't know what Koigu is? I did my best to describe it but I guess I'm going to have to take some in to show her. I exaggerate, of course. I have a feeling though that she's not going to get it.


Mauren Mureaux said...

Alright, that's it. Clearly i need to send you a wad of cash so you can do some shopping for me. There are no LYS sales like that going on around here. You have all the good sales by you.

I've never knitted with or owned any Koigu, but even i know what it is. Keep in mind that i've only been seriously knitting for two years, too.

Hannah said...

How could she not know Koigu? I think you should bring some into work, perhaps a presentation with a PowerPoint slideshow?