Thursday, May 17, 2007

New yarn because you know you want to know

What a way to spend a day! We spent an hour or so at the big close out sale. I was pretty reserved in my purchases. I stumbled on the bag of Classic Elite Lush. A great color and an even greater price. A bag of five for only $12.50 US. That's the usual price for one skein. Probably the best deal of the day.

A bag of ten. Jaeger Matchmaker Merino. This one I picked up after I'd already checked out. But the color and the price made it irresistable. I hope vests are here for a while. There's not enough to do any really fancy stitches but I can manage a bit of texture here and there.

A bag of GGH Bali in assorted colors. I got it mostly for the raspberry color. I think I'm going to use that as the ruffle on the Anonymous Shawl More about that in a minute.

Seven skeins of Lana Grossa Pashmina. More than enough for a shawl for next winter. I got four skeins of this a few weeks ago in an orange color. On sale then but not as much of a sale as now.

A bag of Cascade Luna. I got this one thinking the color would work with the Anonymous shawl. I've already added the ruffle, except for the binding off, but I'm going to take it out. It looked fine in the store with the sample ball I took to check against. Worked up though it's just too intense and leaps out way more than I want. Another six hours of knitting down the drain. But I think the raspberry Bali will be much better.

After we had exhausted the possibilities and our cash we went to Joseph's for lunch. Crazy over the top decor. Tent like swags of cloth draped low over the booths. Gold and crystal chandeliers, heavily textured stucco work that looked like a bad movie set version of stone. Elaborate cornices and columns. And these sad, skimpy tables that might have been cafeteria rejects. The food was good though. I had a gyro pita. I could have eaten another one. I shared H's sampler plate instead.

I don't know how true this is but it was presented as a fact. There are going to be even deeper discounts before the shop goes out of business next month.


Sue said...

You did rather well for someone who wasnt going to go to the sale. Sale yarn is always great if you use it. I know I have bought sale yarn, and it still sits sadly in the stash. I love the blue yarn and the green too. I am sure the green will look great as a vest.

Mauren Mureaux said...

The "Lush" is just gorgeous! I might be coveting that yarn. Excuse me while i go drool.

You made out like a bandit. Good job!

Bess said...

What a haul! And I'm green with envy over that Lush. I've wanted to knit with it ever since it came out.

Well dear heart - I am glad your stash gets to have a playdate with some new friends.

lexa said...

Wow, what great buys you got! Can't pass up sales like that -- good thing you ended up going. :)

Anonymous said...

Okay, one question - where are you going to put it?!