Tuesday, May 01, 2007


Some progress on the current shawl. It's loosely based on this shawl from Cornelia Tuttle Hamilton's Noro Collection, Book Number Two, the Sursa Shawl. I say it's loosely based because I only used the pattern to get some idea of how the shaping was done. I'm using a totally different yarn, On Line Linie 95, Summer-Mistral, that I've had in stash for a couple of years. That's the body yarn. The ruffle will be the Cotton Classic which I've also had for several years.

I'm not always one to give my projects a name although I sometimes do. This one I'm calling the Anonymous Shawl. It's a tribute to Anonymous who left a comment on my blog yesterday. Who is Anonymous? I'll pretend I don't know but I'm sure anyone with the right techie skills could trace the comment. In one of those curious twists of fate I had been thinking of writing something about H (of L&H fame) but was waiting to talk to L before I did so. I've contacted L and she said it would be okay so long as I was discreet.

So, who is H?

If you hang out in yarn shops anywhere within a fifty mile radius of the San Gabriel Valley there's a high probability that you will have seen L&H at some point. The mother and daughter team spend hours and hours checking out all the yarn shops and usually beating me to the newest and latest yarns. H is the daughter.

H can knit. She can knit no matter what happens. She's had some really serious health issues since last fall. She's had every kind of medical test that's out there. None of us are satisfied that the source of her ailment has been correctly diagnosed. Most of the medications that have been prescribed have either not helped or have caused other problems, sometimes both. While she's feeling somewhat better she still has unbearable days. Throughout all this H has been knitting. Knitting like Mme Defarge, with a determination and focus. Or perhaps like EZ, with hope and confidence. But knitting. Mostly shawls and scarves of outrageous color combos and fibers. I love her style.

A lot of school has been missed. H is a brilliant student and deserves much better treatment from the self-absorbed school administration than she's getting. Every child deserves special attention, not this do-it-by-the-numbers shirking of responsibility that is being meted out. I have no hair left to pull out but I would if I could. And still she knits.

H just makes me laugh. I enjoy sitting with her and teasing. She's my source for trendy fashion news. I don't know how she does it but she always knows what every celebrity was wearing on any given day, and probably what they were doing. And she's really smart.

As Anonymous said, H is going through some modifications to her dental structure. We're learning lots about the state of dental technology and artistic repositioning. Have you seen those transparent braces? They're new to me. They sure make your teeth look white, eerily white. I think the first day H went through a whole tube of gum-numbing ointment. Did you know that you can get your teeth shaved? I guess that's better than removing teeth to make room. H was really knitting hard and fast!

H is also the chairperson, and so far as I know, the only member of PACINOS*. I have to see if I have some socks to donate. I'll be seeing L&H later today. Before I go to my Dulaan knitting.

Thanks, Anonymous, for the suggestion. Hope you're having a good day. Don't let the tutors make you crazy. How was the geometry exam yesterday?

*Partially African Child in Need of Socks. Sometimes she just slays me.


Hannah said...
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IJKL said...

Wow, that H sure sounds mighty exciting. Crazy knitter, journalist, AND humanitarian?!?!?!?! I'm might just have to check out that PACINOS Foundation.

H is ecstatic that her message and platform have reached the general public through this fine news implement.

-IJKL, Spokesperson; H Incorporated

PS Did you know she's a student area coordinator for Amnesty International?

Scattered Gemini said...

Oh, a solid colored border? Brilliant! I'm so excited. Heehee!

Monika said...

Love this post! I hope H will be well soon and can put all her energy in all her interests and projcts! It's always a privilege to know such a person. Lucky you!