Wednesday, May 09, 2007

The long hot summer begins

The heavy smoke that we were getting yesterday afternoon seems to have dissipated. There's still a trace of it in the air. And so far today the winds have died down so that should help with the firefighting effort in Griffith Park. The wind was so strong over the weekend that it blew my pot of amaryllis over. When I went out on the balcony yesterday it was lying top down on the deck. All the stems of flowers were crushed as well as most of the leaves. It was about done with the blooming season so maybe there's no permanent damage. I've uprighted it and given it a good watering and today is a bit cooler. That should help.

We were planning a trip to Black Sheep Knittery today but have decided to postpone until Saturday. Access to that part of Hollywood is very near to the site of the fire and there have been lots of highway and street closures so it makes going somwhat risky. Mostly because we'd probably get caught in some terrific traffic jams.

We wanted to go because the 50% off sale has been extended once again. This time until Memorial Day. The last time I was there a couple of weeks ago there was still plenty of inventory except for Koigu. And the Addi bamboo circulars I wanted. I hear that more stuff has been brought out. Debbie Bliss and GGH. And there was lots of Manos when I was there.

I went over to Monrovia yesterday to get a haircut. (From my regular barber. Not the one who did such a terrible job a few weeks ago.) The shop is just across the street from Unraveled so I went there afterwards a spent a couple of hours knitting with L&H. Spent most of the evening working of the Clapotis and have started doing some of the dropped stitch rows. No photo yet.

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Mauren Mureaux said...

From the news coverage that we are getting, that fire looks horrible. Hopefully the weather will cooperate more and help the firefighters out a bit.

Probably best that you decided not to head over to that part of town. Stay safe. ;)