Sunday, May 06, 2007

New yarn shop

Well it's sorta new. Entirely new to me. Hissy Knits in Glendale. Well, sorta in Glendale. It's on the east side, very close to Eagle Rock.

I think the owner was going for funky. Near miss. So far I think they only have yarns from KFI. But they have that in depth. I've never seen so much Noro in one place. They have less now that they did when I got there. Of course L&H helped a lot too.

They're also having a sale but I think it ends today. On the other hand, they almost always have a sale going on.

And they're moving to a new location at the end of the month.

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Mauren Mureaux said...

Noro is very hard to find here. Apparently many of the shop owners do not like the Rep.?

I saw some Noro yesterday at MD Sheep & Wool at 20% off. I've never worked with any and am now kinda kicking myself that i didn't buy some. Oh well. There's always next year. ;)