Thursday, May 03, 2007


Yesterday I ordered one of these. It costs a lot but it's so worth it. We have one at A Stitch in Time and it is such improvement over the old winder that, well, there's just no comparison. I don't know how long it will take to get but I hope it's soon. It looks like, from their web page, that they're managed to improve their turnaround time so maybe sometime this month.

It's not that I need a new ball winder. The one that Lisa gave me maybe twenty years ago still works pretty well. And I don't always have to wind the yarn I buy. But I don't have many interests other than my knitting and this new toy will be a delight to use. Besides, I'll be the envy of my friends. I'm sure they'll all be waiting to see who will inherit this when I'm gone.

When I changed my blog format a few things changed that I haven't taken the time to fix. I used to use YACCS for my comments but now I use the one that Blogger provides. With the old system I almost always got an email address so I could respond to the comment. With Blogger that doesn't happen. Unless the commenter is also a Blogger user. So when I get comments from people that don't use Blogger I can't always reply directly. So I guess I'm going to do what I've seen others do. Reply in my blog.

Beth left a comment yesterday, asking if I had any ideas for a shawl for her daughter's upcoming wedding. Something simple and light weight. There are a number of shawls at knitty that would work. I think the Clapotis would be good if it's not too heavy. I think the bias would help the shawl stay on. If you want something simpler why not use one of the Scribble scarves from the Mason-Dixon book. They're easy to work and to adapt. Some lace mohair and silky ribbon in a color that matches her dress. I think one of the most important things would be to make sure the shawl is easy to wear. Anyway, those are my first thoughts on a wedding shawl.

The Showcase House tour was lovely. We got to spend some time with M who dids a bedroom and bath for the house. He also knit one of the Mason-Dixon log cabin blankets for the bed. It was a little shy of being done but it looked great and no one could tell that it wasn't finished.


Anonymous said...

I'm glad to be such a corrupting influence:) Enjoy the winder!

Larry said...

I prefer to think of it as leading the way to enlightenment.