Tuesday, May 08, 2007

What next?

Anyone recognize this? I might be the last knitter in the world to make this. And I'm almost finished with the increases and will soon be letting some stitches run. You guessed it. I'm finally making the Clapotis scarf. I was going to make it as a shawl but I think this yarn will behave better as a scarf, and I won't have to add a whole bunch of more increases.

I'm using some yarn from stash, Lano Grossa Elastico Print, that I got at Unwind shortly after they opened a couple of years ago. It's easy to knit and and there's plenty of yardage, 150m/50g. And I have nine skeins. I wonder why I don't have ten. Must be they didn't have that many.

I rather enjoyed sticking to one project and seeing it through from start to finish. Let's see if I can extend that feeling to another long, repetitive pattern.


TheBunny said...

Once you hit those drop stitches it seems to go really fast!

Mette G. said...

Don't worry - you are not the last knitter in the world to make Clapotis. I plan to make a Clapotis this weekend ;-)
And I plan to "cheat" and knit it on my knitting machine.

Mette in Denmark

Scattered Gemini said...

I've not made one yet either. ;)

lexa said...

I haven't made a Clapotis yet, either. I plan on sometime! (Add it to the already too big pile of stuff to make.)