Monday, May 14, 2007

H and her blog

My friend H (of L&H fame) has a blog. I recommend it. At first, like a week ago, when she started to blog it was going to be a secret so I couldn't even mention it in front of anyone. Now she's decided that it would be okay if other people knew about it. Her Mother's Day post is a winner. It's nice to know that H isn't as cynical as she likes to pretend. Please go and say hello.

Added later

I got myself into a panic over the weekend. I was reading blogs as I am wont to do, even on weekends. Suddenly I realized that Ryan was trying to tell me something. Not only is the deadline to ship rapidly approaching but I also haven't done as many adult sized hats as I had intended. I'm not kidding. I really felt panic set in. I dropped every project I had planned to work on and immediately began a hat. So far so good. Now if only I can find the rest of the mohair I'm using as a carry along. (Note to self: do not put things away. You'll never remember where you put them.) So, since I haven't found the rest of the mohair I'm working on a different hat.

I have some Maratona that has been kicking around for several years. Not enough for a garment but plenty for hats. After I got rid of the skeins that the moths had tasted I cast on for a ribbed had. Relatively small needles though. Not sure what I was thinking if I planned on making a bunch of hats in just a few weeks. I'll start something else tonight and use the Maratona for filler when I'm just waiting around for something to happen.

I should have taken it with me last night when I went to dinner at Robert's. But I thought he might think it was rude for me to knit while we visited. Not that it would have mattered. His other guests were much ruder than I would have been. Let me just say, I won't be going back if those same people are also invited. It's a long story.


Anonymous said...

Re, dinner at Robert's - sounds interesting. Too bad you didn't bring your knitting. It was good to see you on Saturday - now have a good week!


Hannah said...

Thanks for the publicity Larry! Did you get Mom's email about BSK?