Monday, May 21, 2007

Get thee to a knit shop!

If I try real hard I can think of four or five yarn shops around Los Angeles County that I have never been to. That is, of the ones I know about. I wonder how many there are that I don't know about. I went to one on Saturday that I'd never heard of.

The Knitter's Studio in West Los Angeles is a small but well stocked shop. They have a nice selection of mostly upscale yarns like Koigu, Lorna's Laces and Alchemy. (I had to get some souvenir yarn so I got a couple of hanks of LL worsted in the color Mother Lode.)The yarns are arranged by color rather than weight or brand. I know a lot of people don't like that but I find it very pleasing. And you can tell right away if there's enough in the colorway you've selected instead of having to dig through a whole shelf or bin like in some shops that I won't mention.

The biggest problem with going over there is parking. It's practically non-existent or it requires a specific permit. And there are parking meters, even on the residential streets. We were lucky and found a place after only three circuits around the block. There are some jerks over there though.


Bess said...

Oh that LL - it just makes me feel soooo relaxed and warm and cozy. It's so pretty I may just have to order my own in that colorway. Gorgeous. What what what will you make of it?

Griff said...

LL is one of my absolute favorite yarns.

I am in the middle of a lace shawl with one of their silk blends...absolutely lucious.