Monday, October 03, 2005

Quiet weekend

Quiet weekend

This is my alternate weekend. The weekend where I don't have any chores to do, or guests to prepare for. So far I haven't even opened the front door. (But I will later as I'm meeting Mendy for lunch and a bit of a yarn browse at Unraveled.)

No pictures because you've already seen them but I finished the pastel stripes socks. I started a baby/small child hat that I will use for my Skein knitting for the next few days. I'll put it in my Dulaan project box when I'm done. I started the hat because I wanted to show one of my newer students how to work on dpns and how to join in the round, etc.

That didn't work out so well though. I had one brand new knitter show up and she had such anxiety stuff going on that it took all my attention/resources just to keep her from collapsing in a jiggling heap. She has issues that are totally unrelated to knitting and wants to use knitting to help her calm down. I don't know if she's on any kind of meds. If she isn't, she ought to be. If she is, they aren't working. Far worse than my bi-polar student ever was. The student who recommended her came in later in the day and apologized.

But, about the hat. I'm using some Plymouth Kokonut dk in a bright red. The yarn came to me from a woman who is almost 93 and has decided that she can't see well enough to knit anymore.

Since I finished the pastel stripes socks I was impelled to start another pair. I'm using some of the Sockotta that Lammia gave me a couple of weeks ago. They're based on a pattern from Sensational Knitted Socks by Charlene Schurch. And I also have some bedsocks going. Does anyone have any good bedsock patterns? This one is just a spiral and it's not very entertaining.

So. A quiet weekend. Just some easy knitting and unscheduled naps.

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