Tuesday, October 18, 2005

La même chose

La même chose

In the three plus years that I have been blogging I have not been tagged with a meme until now. I think I know what I'm supposed to do, at least with this one. Let me know if I'm not doing it right.

10 Years Ago

It all runs together after a while. I know I was visiting my mother several times a week in the retirement hotel where she lived. She had dementia and I was the designated care giver.

Mariposa, the yarn shop where I had been working part time, had moved to So. Pasadena and I had decided not to continue. I think that was about the time I decided that spinning was not for me so I got rid of everything spinning related except my wheel.

5 Years Ago

My mother had died the year before and I was still dealing with the aftermath. Paperwork mostly. I had also decided to take an early retirement but was convinced to stay another year, which turned out to be a good thing. I think this was about the time I tried weaving. My late friend, Joanne, was my teacher. Weaving was okay but didn't stick anymore than spinning did. I still have the loom Joanne gave me. It's still has it's false warp and the scarf I never completed on it.

I also started working at Skein sometime that year and I'm still there.

1 Year Ago

This far back I can remember. I was getting ready to go to the Knitters' Retreat.
That was an exciting time. I can't make it this year but I'm planning to go next year.

5 Snacks

I'm not much for snacks, per se, but if and when I have them I like:
tortilla chips with salsa
popcorn, with or without butter
fruit, oranges and apples usually
peanut butter on whole wheat pita bread
just about any kind of chocolate, even milk chocolate if I'm desperate

5 Songs I Know All the Words to

Silent Night (English only)
Flower song from Carmen (French only)
99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall (I've only sung it once all the way through)
This Little Piggy Went to Market

5 Things I'd Do with $100 million

Build a studio
Hire a travel agent
Buy a Jaguar
Hire a housekeeper
Start a trust fund

5 Places to Run Away to

Taos, NM
South of France
Venice, Italy

5 Things I Would Never Wear

Aramis cologne
Anything kelly green
Double breasted suits

5 Favorite TV Shows

I don't watch TV. The last time I watched anything was at the beginning of the second Iraq war. Sometimes when I'm at Amigos for dinner I catch some of whatever ball game is on, usually soccer. If I wanted to watch TV at home I'd have to move a lot of yarn first.

Five Biggest Joys

Spending time with my daughter, Lisa
Yarn shop crawling, and lunch with my knitting buddies
New books, usually knitting
Weekends when I don't have to do any housekeeping chores
My Thursday night knitting group

5 Favorite Toys

My computer, of course
My collection of knitting needles
My yarn stash
My knitting books
My new paper shredder

5 People to Pass This on to

I think everyone I know has already played this one, so none.

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