Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Who needs to go yarn shopping?

Who needs to go yarn shopping?

The student for whom I recently knit the nine-foot long spaghetti squash scarf has requested that I knit one now using this Tahki Pansy yarn. Five skeins of that so it will be another overly long scarf. She likes 'em like that. She loved the first one even if I did have to keep reminding her to be careful to not trip. So what do I get for doing this?

Two skeins of Colinette's Isis, for starters. And

five skeins of Silk Garden, four balls of Schachenmayr Donna, the sorta greyish pink, four balls of Schachenmayer Vision, an olive drab ribbon that I've wanted since I first saw it years ago, and one hank of what I believe to be another Colinette Isis.

Not that I really have time, or room, for more yarn, but isn't it nice? I took a look around my living room yesterday and realized that the projects have taken over again. Time to stop starting new stuff and finish up some socks, a sweater, some scarves and now this new project.

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