Thursday, October 27, 2005

Catching up

Catching up

Well, the dryer is finally fixed. The people over at the laundry room service company do not regard it as an emergency when their machines break down on the weekend, even if there are people who only have the weekends to do laundry because they have like jobs and stuff to do during the week. I'm fortunate in that I can probably get three loads done before I have to leave for work this morning. That may be pushing it a bit but if I'm a little late at Skein, well, I'll just say I had an emergency.

I finally finished the companion to the hat scarf but, even though I remembered to take my camera, I did not remember to take a picture. Maybe I'll do it today. Now I can get back to the Poppy scarf that I'm knitting for the friend who gave me all that nice yarn a few weeks ago. I worked a few rows last night before leaving Skein but I think I might have forgotten the yarn over row that I was supposed to do. Have to check that before I get started again. If I only worked three rows I'll be all right.

I'm about to start another new project. I never thought I would do this but I'm going to make a sweater for a dog. Poor Miranda! She's a tiny Maltese that has always lived in Southern California but now finds herself transported to Michigan. Michigan, for crissake! And she's not enjoying the cold. I did find a simple pattern that's almost exactly the right size without any tweeking. Now I just need to see what I have in house that I can use.

Usually I'm pretty tolerant for airheads. I mean, I'm generally thought of as extremely patient with students. But when four airheads descend all at the same time, first thing in the morning, I get a bit tense. That was the scene yesterday morning.
We got through it without any real harm being done except I don't think a couple of them really got any better. They just wanted me to fix it so they could go away and mess it up again. Which one of them did and came back later in the day to have me fix it again. All this was bad enough but it also kept me from spending time with one of my good friends who had a rare opportunity to come in for a while.

But the day got better and I went out to dinner after work and had a wonderful time.

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