Monday, October 17, 2005

A little of this, a little of that

A little of this, a little of that

This year will be remembered by future generations as The Year of Weird Weather. We have had thunderstorms since late Saturday night. Not just ordinary thunderstorms either. Even a heavy pelting of hail mid-afternoon today. Size of quarters, at least. Totally freaked Patrick out. He hid under the bed until it was all over. At one point the light was pea green. Very unsettling, at best.

The Knit-Out was a pretty good success from what I hear. I saw some pictures of the crowds and bits of the fashion show. We got a few visitors (looky-lous) but that's about it. And I wasn't busy. But still I'm glad I didn't go. I've done one Knit-Out and that's enough.

I decided to gather together all the knitting books that I have scattered around the living room. Right now they're still in an unorganized series of piles on my dining table. Then I remembered that I needed to go pick up a package from the post office. More books! I've only flipped through them so far but I'll be posting about them as I get to it. Some good stuff and some disappointments. That's what happens when you shop by title only and haven't seen the book IRL.

I worked a couple of hours each on two of my projects and will spend a couple more hours tonight on another one. If I spend two hours a day on each project I'll need a longer day. I did finish one multi-directional scarf on Friday so at least one Christmas gift is done.

My browser can't find my email. I wonder if it's the weather.

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