Thursday, October 13, 2005

One or two degrees

One or two degrees

I don't actually know Rachael, as in having met her face-to-face, in the flesh etc. I do know her on-line, of course. Most everyone does. But I do know Christina who knows Rachael. How many degress of separation is that?

Anyway. My day started with a big hug from Christina and then another one that she delivered in person from Rachael. Is that not a great way to start the day? One of these days, who knows when, I'm going to get up to Oakland to see Christina's shop and to meet up with Rachael.

Does everyone have their copy of Sally Melville's newest book? Color. I got mine yesterday and have been through it a couple of times. Not in great detail but enough to know that I think it's worthwhile, at least for the technical information. The patterns are secondary and I think that's what was intended. They're mostly pretty simple and are good for applying the color techniques that are well illustrated and documented.

Skein has sold all its copies and I don't know if more are on the way. We did get in a new Debbie Bliss book, Simply Soft, that has some fun things in it, especially if you like shrugs or boleros.

(I don't know why that partial entry is showing up. And for some quite unknown reason I can't delete. So ignore it.)

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