Thursday, March 24, 2005

Technical difficulties

Technical difficulties

It's been a real techie nightmare here today. I've seen more blue screens than I care to remember. Generally I only have problems in the morning while I'm reading blogs. Some days everything is fine. But I persist.

No rain today but it's pretty cold, by LA standards. Skein was good today, busy but not overwhelming. And I had my Thursday night knitting group to look forward to. And that was good too. I have a triangle and a half to go on my multi-directional scarf and I'm about half way through the gusset on the second waffle sock.

Tomorrow night I'm going to a Yarn Tasting at Unwind Yarn in Burbank. We get to sample fourteen different yarns and all we have to do is bring our own needles. I have a gift certificate from Christmas that I'll be able to use while I'm there. Woo yay! I've lost the list of yarns but I remember there's some Bamboo from Southwest Trading and some of their merino that's supposed to be softer than cashmere. Most of the list was yarns we don't have at Skein so I'm looking forward to seeing them and trying them out. No problem there.

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