Thursday, March 03, 2005

By the time I get to Thursday

By the time I get to Thursday

I'm usually out of stuff to write about. And today isn't much of an exception. I stayed at Skein until eight yesterday because the Wednesday night teacher called in again to cancel her appearance. The day had been pretty slow so we weren't expecting anyone to show up. Well, I did have three students, one of whom had to leave almost immediately because of a family emergency. Anyway, I had a good time with the two remaining ones. I even helped with a crochet pattern. I don't actually crochet but I can figure things out if I have to. The other student was starting the heel flap of her first sock. So that was kind of a snap. The down side is that I don't get home early enough to do much knitting. By the time I've played with Patrick and had some dinner it's already late. So I go a couple of rows done on the neck warmer and crashed.

I did get the butterfly made for the current Skein project. Really vague directions so I'm glad I had a picture reference. So today I'll finish, or nearly, the final ball for the scarf proper and be able to sew the ends together, after I gather them a bit, and then attach the butterfly. My hands are longing for some socks to knit. I may have to succumb.

It's Thursday night knitting again. We're meeting at a different spot this week. That'll be strange. We've become so accustomed to Mendy's place that we just all make ourselves at home, helping ourselves to whatever we need. Sugar, cream, more coffee? But we're all looking forward to the evening as we haven't seen this person for a few weeks. We love her a lot and have missed her.

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