Monday, March 14, 2005

The complaint department is over there

The complaint department is over there!

One of several things that I retain from my est training (yes, I'm one of those) is that it's useless to complain about something to a person who can't do anything about it. If something happens that you don't like or approve of it does no good to talk to someone who can't do anything about it. Or so I believe.

Skein will be closing on Sundays after the end of this month. This is not a new thing. It was closed last year during the same time, April through October. I spent a lot of time yesterday listening to one woman grouse about this. I tried explaining that it made sense from Ann Mary's point of view. She just kept on and on. I finally directed her to Ann Mary. This woman does not buy anything. She brings her granddaughter in for lessons. I don't think she'll have much impact.

And then there's the questions of prices. I hear it all the time. It's true that Skein's prices are higher than some other yarn shops. So? There are other shops and there's online shopping. And I have nothing to do with the prices. I shop other places when I feel the deal is better elsewhere, or if there's something I want that Skein doesn't carry. Sometimes, even with my discount, I get a better price, especially on accessories. So, since I can't do anything about it, complain to Ann Mary if you want to complain.

I've been busy with other stuff for the past few days so haven't made much progress on any of my current projects. But today is my day off and my laundry is almost done so I have the rest of today to fiddle with my knitting. I've wound a bunch of hanks and got them put away for now. I'm still working on Dulaan projects and have a sock well underway. I'm not complaining though. I make the decisions.

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