Friday, March 04, 2005



If you think this sounds familiar it's because it is. It's raining again. It's rained a lot this winter and it's gonna rain a lot more I guess.

I wouldn't care so much if my car wasn't at the mechanics. Again. No idea what the problem is this time. Poor old thing just wants to keel over and die everytime I come to a stop. So not only do I have a sick car but I'll have to walk to work, in the rain.

But we had a lovely time at Thursday night knitting. It was so good to see our missing friend and to spend time with her. I didn't have much that was exciting to work on. Just some more on my current multi-directional scarf. And a few more rows on the butterfly shawlette. No, I didn't finish it. I was busy enough at Skein that I couldn't work on it very much. But soon.

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