Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Pink Gift

Pink Gift

Perks are a good thing. Like my lunch is always provided courtesy of Skein. And I receive nice gifts from different students quite often. Today, for example, I got a bottle of plum wine from one student who is just returning from a business trip to Japan and Hong Kong. And last week there was a bottle of Shiraz from another student who knew it was one of my favorites. Most of the time I get candy, cookies or wine. I've never, that I recall, received yarn. (Yarn that I get from my Thursday night group not included.) Until yesterday.

A few weeks ago an elderly lady came in to see if I could help her. Her daughter had died and left a number of unfinished afghans. Unfortunately the piece that she brought was crocheted. I explained that I really didn't know much about crochet and didn't think I could help her. She was so disappointed. So I said I'd try. It turned out to be a fairly simple fix, just some double crochet clusters. So I showed her what I thought she needed to do and walked her through a few repeats. She left with her multi-colored afghan having thanked me over and over.

Yesterday she came back. I only vaguely remembered her. She brought me a gift bag containing this yarn and the needles. Then she reminded me that her daughter had died leaving all those unfinished afghans. She had been saving the yarn and needles and thought I would appreciate having them. They were part of a floral tribute from her daughter's funeral.

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