Friday, March 18, 2005

Kinda gloomy Friday

Kinda gloomy Friday

Last night was Thursday night knitting. Small group but still fun. I worked on a couple of my many mini-projects, the current socks and the brown Araucania multi-directional scarf. And we had freshly made key lime pie and strawberry cake and equally freshly made lemon muffins. No wonder I don't get much done or lose much weight.

It's been a little slow this week at Skein. I wonder if other shops are experiencing the same thing. The whole week the weather people have been warning us that there's going to be rain all weekend and it looks like they might be right. It's not raining yet but it looks like it could start any time. So this slow thing might continue for a while. Overall, not many students this week. But it's hard to predict. I could have big batch today. It's one of those it's not over 'til it's over kind of things.


We do indeed have rain. And I had seven students today. All at the same time.

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