Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Quiet, please. The cat's asleep.

Quiet, please. The cat's asleep.

(I'm trying to re-create the post that just evaporated into the mind of Blogger.)

Monday was a stay-at-home and do laundry kind of day. And some time for serious knitting. Well, not serious, but intense. And I did that. Mostly though, I watched Pat the Cat sleep. He isn't feeling his usual stop-everything-and-come-and-play-right-now self. He seems to be eating okay. He's just not very active. So I played nursemaid which mostly consisted of patting him on the head or scratching his chin when he wanted. I wonder if he has allergies. He's been sneezing a little more than usual lately, once as loud as a human sneeze.

He is better today. We played a little bit but he lost interest pretty quickly. He's sleeping right now so I'm trying to not make any sudden loud noises. Not like when I caught a hank of yarn in the chandelier and knocked off a bunch of crystals that went everywhere and one broke. That was really noisy and made Patrick come to investigate. He found the one that broke and was thinking about trying to eat it but I stopped him before he got to it.

I spent about four hours working on the latest sock last night. I've started the gusset decreases. Had to stop several times to let my thumb come unstuck. I didn't get much other actual knitting done but got some more hanks wound.

So now I'm getting ready for Skein. It's a gorgeous day and I'm looking forward to seeing some of my regulars as well as wondering who else will show up. Patrick is awake now and sitting on the kitchen counter watching the birds and scowling at the dogs and squirrels. It's nice to be able to open the windows again.

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