Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Plain brown vest

Plain brown vest

I dug out one of my imcompletes a couple of days ago, a vest I started for Lisa sometime last summer. First off it was a big surprise to find I was farther along than I remembered. I thought I was still on the back but found that I was almost done with one half of the front. I have no recollection whatsoever of knitting that piece. But now it's done and I've started the other front.

I'm using some Unger wool that I got at Mariposa at least seven years ago. I don't think Unger is even is business anymore. The stitch pattern is just double seed so it's not a very exciting knit, but it goes fast on size 8US needles. I tried for a photo but it's so dreary here that nothing photos well. Maybe by the time it's done there'll be some sunshine.

I'm really trying to get caught up on projects that have been accumulating around here. There are some that just need to have the ends woven in and some that need to be ripped. And it's time to reorganize the stash once again. Sort of like spring cleaning I guess, but a lot more rewarding.

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